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Our 20 years of experience and 3000-ton capacity set us apart as a top permanent magnet manufacturer. We excel in handling diverse magnet materials and complex designs, giving us a significant advantage. Our advanced manufacturing machines and cutting-edge inspection equipment ensure stringent quality control. With our meticulous product control plan, we have established ourselves as leaders in the magnet industry for years.

Product control plan for Sintering NdFeb

Grade Specifications

Physical properties

Demagnetization Curve

Overview of manufacturing machine





With our state-of-the-art manufacturing machines and rigorous quality control, we have experienced a surge in customer demand. Our multiple production lines operate daily, efficiently producing a wide range of magnets including NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ferrite, and Bonded magnets in parallel.

Daily production overview


Overview for Quality inspection appratus


|Salt spray machine

|Gauss meter


|Oxygen Analyzer

|Coating Test

|ICP Analyzer

|Magnetic Curve Tester


Industry Certifications

We are ISO 9001 registered and certified, all process were carried out strictly follow control plan, for more complexity product we will conduct FMEA to mitigate risks in advance, if failure happen during manufaturing, we will use fishbone diagram or 8D report to investigate root cause and set preventive action, therefor with insist on this our quality keeps on the top level.

ISO 9001

Certified Quality Management System. Read More  

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