Choice of Magnet Material

We can offer a wide range of magnet materials to suit different applications and operating conditions.


How to choose the right magnet material

Choosing the right magnetic material for application is core to your project success. There are several magnet material options each with different performance characteristics. With our numerous experience in magnetic industries we can help you to make choice fast and clear.

There are several material options including NdFeB, Alnico, SmCo or Ferrite(Ceramic). Besides, there are other options like Bonded magnets, Flexible magnets. Choose the right material is your first step to start your project.


Key questions to ask considering magnet applications:

How much of magnetic strength required?
What is the function of the magnet, to hold, lift or attract?
What temperatures will the magnet during work?
Need to be exposed to corrosive conditions?
Need to be exposed to demagnetizing or destabilizing factors?
What is the designed lifetime of the equipment?
Does shape or size or weight considerations for the magnet?
What material attached to magnet?
Cost – sensitive?
Take a look at our material options to see if the characteristics applicable your project.

Custom Magnet

Need design for your own magnets, talk to our expert to customize for you today.