Choice of Magnet Shapes

Multivarious of Magnet Shapes

Magnets come in a various of shapes and sizes like ring, disc, sphere, cylinder, bar, block, horseshoe and a number of other unique forms. Normally, bigger magnets are stronger, but not always like this. Small magnets can be also designed to increase strength by using different materials. The shape of a magnet, however, can tell you a lot more than size. Each magnet’s shape has an influence how it was used. It determines how the magnetic field lines are arranged outside of the magnet as well as the strength of its pull.

We have much experience of permanent and rare-earth magnet shapes in a wide range of shapes, sizes. No matter whatever your design or project requires, we have the right shape and size of magnets to meet your requirements! Not all of the magnets are listed on our website, if you are searching for some special shape or any questions just send us request or contact us today.

Key questions to ask considering magnet applications:

  • Where will it be used?
  • Do you plan to use the magnet indoor or outdoor (or both)?
  • Are weight requirements sensitive?
  • What is the designed shape and size(diameter, length, width, height)?
  • Is it a special shape?
  • What type of surface will it be connected to?
  • Do you require an adhesive on one side?
  • Will it be a direct application to metal?
  • The characteristic of a magnet will differ greatly to the shapes and sizes.
  • Take into considerations whether the magnet will fit in the object in which you wish to place it.
  • Knowing the answer to all of the above will prevent you from using the wrong shape of magnet and will reduce the amount of possible options .

Take a look at our shapes options to see if the characteristics applicable your project.

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Custom Shapes Magnet

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