AEMagnets is focus on creating values for our customer with innovative solution, supporting various industries through advanced magnetic technology. Explore our key products:

AlNiCo Magnets

AlNiCo Magnets AEMAGNETS-We Stock AlNiCo Magnets in grade5 , And can supply Gra...

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NdFeB Magnets

Your reliable neodymium magnet Manufacturer in China. Explore our wide selectio...

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SmCo Magnets

Samarium Cobalt magnets are strong permanent magnets made of the alloy samarium...

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Ferrite Magnets

AEMagnets supplies all kinds of ferrite magnets, we offer both regular & custom...

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FeCrCo Magnets

AEMAGNETS - FeCrCo permanent magnets manufacturer and supplier. Supply FeCrCo r...

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Bonded Magnets

Bonded Magnets AEMAGNETS- Bonded magnet has the characteristics of both permane...

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Magnet Manufacturer in China: AEMagnets

AEMagnets has nearly 20 years expertise for magnets design and manufacturing, accumulated abundant complicated cases and knowledgs in various of applications

With our strong manufacturing capability we had a wide range of products: NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ferrite. All these magnets were controlled strictly followed manufacturing quality control plan, to keep our quality always on the high level.

For non-standard magnets we support customization, from design to spec., or even from idea to blueprint. We can manufacture to your exact print for any type of shapes and sizes.

Regarding shapes and sizes we can offer horseshoe, disc, rod, ring, rectangular, channels in different kinds of specifications. And for standard magnets we can ship normally 5~7days after received orders.

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Years of Experience: Thriving industries with decades of expertise.


Tons Produced Annually: Meeting high demands with our extensive production capacity.


Countries: Delivering our products worldwide.


Applied Industries: Providing magnet solutions for diverse sectors.

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Magnetics Engineering & Manufacturing Capabilities

With 20 years of technical magnet expertise, AEMagnets is uniquely qualified in all aspects of AEMagnets engineering and manufacturing. We will work with our customer to achieve an optimized magnetic solution for virtually any need focus on quality, application, cost, lead time.

Engineering is core of our business. We've found that concurrent engineering from early start of a project yields the best overall results, which is why we like to work with our customers from the very beginning on major projects by utilizing our highly-skilled technical experts, in our company we call it Early Involvement of Engineering(EIE).

We are a Chinese-based company with production facility in Hunan province, which is in south of China. Now Made In China is popular and everyone is impressed by this, with best quality and cost balance, we are and will not disappoint to our customer.
Facility have complete manufacturing and production capabilities.
In addition, our plants are ISO 9001 registered and certified.

Quality Management
As a licensed and certified magnet manufacturer, we use high level inspection equipment and testing methods to ensure that our supplied products can meet customer requirements. Besides we also conduct quality planning from very beginning as to mitigate risk from virtual to real production. If there is complaint happened we will treat serious and use 8D methodology to make a thoroughly investigation and also set preventive actions, by insist on this our quality keeps on a very high level, which will finally return back to our customer’s trust.

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